Yoga Vs Reformer Pilates

Yoga is not Pilates and Pilates is not Yoga.

The two disciplines are very different. It’s like asking for a glass of champagne and getting a pint of beer.

Pilates and Yoga are both considered mind-body exercise and methods of movement and here is where the confusion comes in.

Yoga was developed to prepare the mind and body for meditation. Whilst Pilates was developed to work the body through specific movements to strengthen and improve its function.

Reformer Pilates is very different to Yoga in that we use a reformer machine to add resistance to exercises and to challenge the body further. Yoga requires moving from one static posture to the next, whilst Pilates flows through a series of movements that are more dynamic, systematic and anatomically based.

The Goal of Pilates is to strengthen the postural muscles while achieving optimal functional fitness

Yoga Vs Reformer Pilates

Technical Bit
Isometric Muscle Movements
Scientific research to reduce anxiety / depression
Designed to Prepare the body for meditation
East orientation
No weighted exercise used
Different yoga practises build endurance in every large muscle group but strength is not the main focus.
Yoga is more about how you feel
Back Pain
Yoga improves spinal flexibility and strength however certain postures are a no go for those with back pain i.e. deep back bends and cobra’s
Enhances flexibility and increasing joint motion range
Mental Wellbeing
Spiritual wellbeing integral to yoga – physical practice gives the body a feeling of balance wellbeing
Abs of Steel
Whilst Yoga does work the core muscles it isn’t its main focus
Technical Bit
Eccentric Muscle Movements
Scientifically researched and based exercises
Designed to rehabilitate and strengthen the body
West orientation
Use resistance weight to help tone and streamline your body
Reformer uses resistance and weight to build strength and emphasis on physical conditioning.

It works all the muscle Groups resulting in a leaner, stronger body

Pilates is about how you look
Back Pain
Focus on spinal flexibility through articulation and evening out the spine. Focus on core and pelvic stability and alignment – Pilates is excellent at strengthening and supporting your back.
Rather than just stretching to increase flexibility – Focus on why certain muscles are tight and resolves the problem with balancing out the muscles that have gone to sleep
Mental Wellbeing
Pilates requires concentration which can distract you from daily worries but wellbeing isn’t a primary focus as it is in yoga
Abs of Steel
Pilates has a unique focus on core muscles in trunk and pelvis and is the best way to build core strength – nothing flattens and forms a stomach like Pilates.